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Full Version: [Plugin]Promotion System Integration (1.0 BETA)
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This plugin will allow you choose the amount of (newpoints) points to take into consideration when promoting users with MyBB Group Promotion System.

  1. Activate the plugin from Newpoints -> Plugins
  2. Apply core file edits to "inc/tasks/promotions.php". (PluginLibrary is required for this.)
  3. Edit group promotions as desire.
  4. Enjoy!

Next time the task is ran, (newpoints) points will be taken into consideration for that promotion.

Remember: PluginLibrary 6 or over is required for this plugin! Don't ask for support if this plugin is not installed in your forum!

Note: This plugin is at beta stage just because of the ugly look/code (and because I may end changing much of the code later), but it seems to be working just perfect.
Interesting plugin. Thanks for developing it.
Thanks and it was no problem.
Seems like I never uploaded the plugin and I no longer hold the file, therefore I request this to be closed till I code this once more.