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Full Version: Suffix not showing properly
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You see I had recently updated my newpoints from 1.7 to 1.9 and now the image which I was using as the suffix for the points is not seen properly. Can you give me instructions to fix this? - See the bottom. Its like that in all pages including the profile page.

I would also need help to remove the cause for that warning displayed at the top?

Thanks in advance!
I am sorry but the Games Section is not a plugin of ours.
I didnt mean game section. The newpoints suffix is not shown properly anywhere. See one of the posts in my site below:

I am using an image as the suffix and it is not shown properly.
Did you apply any changes in 1.7?
Nope! I dont know to make any Big Grin
Ok, so what are you entering as suffix?
<img alt="DE Coins" src="" />
Try this:
<img alt='DE Coins' src='' />
Thanks! It worked!
Yes, I reported it some time ago and it have not been fixed, no new version has come out since then I think.
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