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Full Version: Credits, New Payment Type, TOS Changed
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A lot of things have been changing over the last few weeks. I've decided to work on a NewPoints plugin which is called Purchase Credits which I may end up releasing sooner or later (who knows?) and name it Purchase Points.

Previously you could only subscribe to our paid services using either PayPal subscriptions or using a manual AlertPay payment that would get you a lifetime subscription.

I've kept PayPal automatic / recurring payments for Premium ($7/Year) and Gold ($15/Month) but also added a new way to subscribe to our paid services.

You can now purchase Credits using AlertPay or PayPal and then spend those credits on Credits Subscriptions.
I've also created a plugin which allows Coupon Codes redeeming which gets you credits as well - this may happen on certain contests I may run here.

Due to these changes I was forced to alter our TOS so feel free to read them again.

If you've got any suggestions, feel free to give them, they're appreciated!
How Can I get that Coupon Code Redeeming plugin? I like that plugin Big Grin
You cannot Smile