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I have installed NewPoints and activate it, after that I was looking for the settings for Newpoints and I can't find it at all, even the category beside Tools and Maintenance has not appear since I activated and install into the forum.

Forum is running off : 1.6.6 MyBB Forum Software

Please Help

Thank you,
ACP -> NewPoints -> Settings

If it doesn't show the NewPoins tab at the top, make sure you have permissions to see it (ACP -> Users & Groups -> Admin Permissions). If it's ok, make sure you uploaded the admin files.
Well, admin permissions doesn't have the control of newpoints and admin files is uploaded.
I tried and I uninstall and remove the files and reupload them and install again and it didn't work as well. I asked my assistant to help to do the same thing but it didn't work out and the plugin is activate and installed.
Urm do you have other ways that I could fix this ?
One of the things I mentioned above, you're not doing dorrectly.
Alright thanks, fix due to certain reasons.
I'm having this issue currently. I looked through the admin permissions as listed and could not find anything to do with NP.

What do you suggest?
I suggest you to upload the NewPoints admin files to your admin directory.
Oh my god I feel like a dumbass now. Sorry about that.
Maybe you change /admin/index.php to /folderyouwant/index.php so when you install that plugin you can't find the newpoints tab?