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Full Version: Problem with shop
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I got a problem with the shops, I added an item and I put it visible and its not showing in shops.

Please help and I installed all the files idk what i did wrong any help?
Make sure the groups are allowed to view the category.
How do i do that?

EDIT: I fixed it its visible, but I still having issues with the shop.

Example: I want to put it so If someone buys a Blue Donator bar it shows in their tittle. How can I do this
No, this is a shop for virtual items. Nothing else
What u mean virtal items?
I want it like this! How do i do it like what my friend did?

Virtual Items, well they're items which are not real.

And as for that screenshot do some search around here, I posted how to do it.
so ur telling me that my friend posted fake items in the shop?
What do you mean by fake? I am just telling you they don't do anything at all.
I don't get what do i put in shop? Tongue
I don't know, that's up to you not me.
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