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Full Version: Dunno if this has been posted before.
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Hmm, I'm new to this and I've seen that many others have this '[Donate] Button which is next to the amount of points you have on a post:

[Image: nodonate.png]

As you can see^ It only shows the amount of points, but no 'Donate'.
And when I click on the amount of points I have, it is just a broken link directing me back to the server.
Also, in that screenshot, it's the bank, donate etc things. How do I get to there?

This is basically what I have after I've downloaded the 'New Points' Plugin Confused

Please reply, thanks.
Well make sure donations are enabled in the settings. And what's the link it is pointing to?
Ahh, thanks, donate works.

and the link goes to:
Is that your website?
Hmm nope, that's what it redirects to when I click on the amount of points and also when I click on "Donate" on a user.
I may not have all the files probs :/

Have you got a file to download New Points with everything in?
I want to try and upload everything again.
Well something's replacing that link with that website's link. Do you have a link to your website?

And you can find a zip with the files in the release thread..
Right, I've downloaded it again, and now it works ty Tongue

But now I have this problem:

Before I could manage the NewPoints plugins, but now it's gone :/
I've downloaded the buy username one, shop, and the 'Hello world' one should be on there as well but it's not :/
One of them is causing problems. Delete all NewPoints plugins, check that page and then upload one by one again.
Hmm, is there a way to delete all NewPoints file quickly?
Through FTP.
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