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Full Version: Need to give 2x points to members above x no. of posts and so on
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For the same activity, I want to give different points to different user titles (based on their number of posts)
For example, I want to give 2x points to members who have made 50 posts or more
Similarly 3x points for members with more than 100 posts and so on......

Is this possible with Newpoints plugin?
Not possible.
Something which I can edit in the code in order to make this feature available?
No, it's not as simple as quick edit.
@Pirata : Can you add this functionality and release as a paid plugin?
Is it not already possible using Group Promotions + Newpoints Group Rules?
Yeah that would work Sama34
@Sama : That would apply to user groups like Registered, Moderators, Administrators etc.
What I am looking for is different rate for different user titles like newbie (with less no. of posts), senior member (more no. of posts), advanced member (with much higher no. of posts) etc. etc.
Kindly tell me how to bring about this?
It is not possible and no I can't add that functionality as a paid plugin. You're the only who needs it and I won't spend my free time doing something for one or two persons.
Okay, thanks for your time
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