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Full Version: [Issue] No NewPoints interface
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I wouldn't be surprised that this is my error but after installing and uninstalling I am unable to figure out why there is not a interface to use with NewPoints. Here is an image of what it looks like
[Image: 2wnacsm.png]
Go to ACP -> Admin Permissions -> Edit your user and make sure you can access NewPoints
I am still having trouble because NewPoints doesn't show up there at all and my user has all the permissions that exist.
[Image: se87xk.png]
It looks like you didn't upload the admin files to your admin directory.
How exactly does one do that?
Okay this issue is resolved.
Well now that I am back on I have a different issue, whenever I try to go to I am getting an error that it does not exist, I'm not sure what the issue is, but the website is
Resolved that issue as well. Thanks the mybb team for all your help in me making a website ^_^.
This site is in no way connected directly to the MyBB team. It is indirectly connected to it because I'm part of it but the team itself has nothing to do with this website Smile