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Quickly edit user's points without accessing to the ACP.

  • This plugin only uses one "on/off" settings, for deactivating without losing your templates.
  • This plugin allows only Administrators and Global Moderators to edit points, no one else.
  • Global Moderators can't edit own points.
  • Formated points just because we like nice details.
  • Edit link in users posts and profiles.
  • Newpoints alike page.
  • 1.1+ Ability to remove users items.
  • 1.1+ Ability to edit users banck points (donĀ“t edit if want to keep intact).

  1. Upload the content of the "upload" folder to your MyBB root folder.
  2. Go to ACP -> Newpoints -> Plugins and activate the plugin.
  3. Edit general settings from "ACP -> Newpoints -> Settings -> Main Settings"".
  4. Enjoy!

1.0 => 1.1
  1. Uninstall any old version of this plugin.
  2. Do installation steps.

1.0 => 1.0.1
  1. Upload the content of the "upload" folder into your forum root.
  2. No need to do anything else.

Change Log
1.0 => 1.1
  • Feature: Added feature to edit user's shop items as well as back points.

1.0 => 1.0.1
  • Bug: Fixed bug that blocked access to the newpoints home page.

How to:
To edit points, just enter the points you want to add/remove into the text box WITHOUT ANY SIGN (-, +, etc..), select the add or remove button, then press the "go" button, you will now be redirected to the post (if you came from a post) or to the user's profile.

This plugin add three new templates (outdated inbformation):
newpoints_quickedit, newpoints_quickedit_postbit, newpoints_quickedit_profile

Ad modifies two already exiting newpoints templates:
newpoints_postbit, newpoints_profile


Right after:


Plugin is attached to this post.

Bug Reports
Stuck your threads. Many thanks for contributing to the project!
Thanks to you, I have one another plugin in mind, maybe will write it this week or next, great plugin of your Pirata Nervo!
Would love to have this! Is there a download for it? It says that you have to upload files, but there's no downloadable attachment that I can see. Unless of course I completely missed something, which is possible.
I'm missing that thing too I guess
I think I was in a rush or something. Try now and sorry about that.
Version 1.0.1 is out, it fixes a problem with the plugin blocking access to the newpoints home page, just upload the new files and that is it.
Plugin updated.

Now you can remove shop items as well as edit banck points.
Thank you, so much for this, I really appreciate it and your quality is quite good!

Just a note that when you go to delete an item and a user has more than one of that item, it only deletes one of the item, not all of them. That is, if a user has 5 apples and you click the checkmark to delete the item, it removes 1 apple so there are 4 left.

There's no bug here - I just wanted to clarify how this part worked, I was hoping it would work this way.

Thank you!
Yes, that is how it works, I merely *copied* the Shop Plugin code.
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