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Thank, sir.

Just one last question!
I want just only admin, and better is only me can edit user item and money. Can it be?
It is possible to allow only administrators to use the feature but not only to certain users.
Not working on my board...Getting this error while Im using version 1.6 only...

This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1.9.8

I just edited the newpoints_quickedit.php and changed the compatibility to :

'compatibility' => '1',

What if I want to mention a reason to the user and for our own records, by PM or in his own profile visible to mods, admins and the user itself that why points were added or reduced from his account...

Just installed myBB, the latest Newpoints and this plugin. I have a different plan for my forums than most in that I need to set a section of my boards that has limited posting based on a points system. The issue I have is that I need to only have my moderators add points to specific accounts. So having a method to easily edit the points is very important to me.

Using the latest downloads I unfortunately got the message:

This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1.9.8

I have not found another plugin that offers this function. Do I need to wait for an update?


Sorry, should have read more completely through this thread. Changing the Compatibility field inside the PHP file got the plugin activated. After turning it on, it works perfectly.
I think, you need to just put it this way in newpoints_quickedit.php

'compatibility'    => '*',

It worked for me this way.
Please help me, This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1.9.8

Thanx in advance

nevermind, wrkng fine
I changed the compatibility in the file newpoints_quickedit.php, After that, it got Activated. However I am not seeing the edit buttons anywhere. Did I do something wrong?
You need to activate the plugin within the main Newpoints settings. Also check that {$quickedit} is found within your newpoins_profile and newpoints_postbit templates.
Here are the screenshot of my forum.

[Image: F2mgxKb.png]

[Image: dMGYlW0.png]

[Image: L3q593K.png]

[Image: 1Cpwqsj.png]

[Image: vbasdtR.png]

Live Forum can be found at
Go to Newpoints -> Settings -> Main Settings -> [i]search for setting[i] -> Yes

I can't recall the setting title but there should be one for this plugin.
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