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Full Version: [Plugin] Quick Edit
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the items are of the MyShop plug?
Thank you friend, in this sitte not spanish xD
I like this, but I don't see any options to edit items or points in bank. (I'm definitely running 1.1.) It would also be nice if there was a way to make it so only admins can edit points. (Some of us might not want global mods having that control.)
@Mantis, IIRC there is a option for who can edit points, and bank/items table only appears when you have those plugins installed.

Also, go to those plugins settings and activate their own options.
Thanks, I didn't spot them. Smile I've now enabled bank/items quick editing, although I couldn't find any options for edit who/what groups can edit points. I'll look again later.
@Mantis, Maybe next version, I tend to allow admins and super mods the same permissions, I suppose no everybody like this way so will be changing that.
All right, thanks. Smile
Doesn't work for editing amounts lower than one.

My points system is cash so for example $0.01 - I can add or remove $1, but not $0.xx :/

Any fix for this?
I need too find a fix, thank you for reporting.
1.1+ Ability to remove users items.

Would it be possible to just do this?

Like in ACP.
^No with this plugin.
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