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Full Version: [Issue] Have problems with Points Required to Access
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I have set the Rules to Restrict user if his Points are Less than a particular amount...

But now when i try creating a new Post It throws a 404 Error...

The same happens when i even use the
Forums Requirements Plugins

I dont know why is this happening...I have the Google SEO plugin on..But i tried disabling it also...But it still does not work...

Can you please help me on this...

A 404 error means the file doesn't exist, it's not related to any plugin.
But when I make the Minimum Points to "0" it works..
Ah it's Google SEO reporting it as 404, I see. Please post a screenshot of the error.
Its just a simple Page Not Found Error...Which comes in FireFox...

My forum url is bzforum (dot) in

One more thing...I think it may help Even the Minimum Posts Required to Post gives the Same Error...I think im missing some thing...
Well there is something wrong, I'll check it on my localhost as soon as I get home.
I am sorry but I've just tried it on my localhost and couldn't replicate the problem you're having.
I am still facing this issue on my forum..Should i make a test account and share it with you..
I'm sorry but that goes beyond the support I give to non-subscribers.