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Full Version: Change lottey winner?
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Hey, I had a bit of trouble on my site last week with a troll. I banned the troll but it turns out he bought hundreds and hundreds of lottery tickets. Kind of fixed it for everyone so that he wins. And he did.

Is there any way that I can reverse this so another legitimate member wins this pool instead of him. Meaning change the winner? Yes, I know that's cheating but I am not allowing this person back and he's actually bugging me via email because this fake money is very important to him for some reason. All very childish stuff.

I would like to make it so he doesn't win, doesn't get the money and I can give it to someone deserving instead. Is there a query maybe?
No that is not possible to do.
OK thanks. At least I can tell the members I tried.

I can manipulate the money though in the maintenance area so he doesn't have the money.
Yeah that should work. The only way to get around is forcing another draw but that requires multiple queries to be run and requires other things as well. I really don't recommend that.