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Can you update this?
(10-18-2013, 09:00 AM)UKN0WN Wrote: [ -> ]Can you update this?

What he said, this is a very useful plugin.
Any news on the new release?
Thank you
I have been working on the new update for this that I will be releasing after updating other of my plugins. Do you have any reason for a version? Apart from the compatibility issue that can be fixed with one simple line edit.
This would be a greate plugin if you will add support for PROSTATS plugin, becouse this is the most importmant thing, to BUMP UP own theard in prostat statistic.
Would anyone do that?
You will need to modify ProStats to get the threads by lastpostbump instead of lastpost for the newest posts row.
propably u have right but i have no idea how ;s thats why i asking you about this, meybe someone will be able to solve it.
Well this is apart from the support offered but you can try to change the line where the order of the threads is defined. This is the line in my repository, but I don't know if it is correct in the lasted version of the plugin.

ORDER BY t.lastpost DESC

ORDER BY t.lastpostbump DESC

This will only affect the fetch of the list, not the display of it.
Will this be updated for MyBB 1.8?
1.8 Update?
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