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Full Version: [Plugin] Bump Thread
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(02-09-2013, 08:00 AM)Sama34 Wrote: [ -> ]Unfortunately that error will require some big edits. Will try to upload the new version ASAP, meanwhile please deactivate the plugin.

Alright let me know when it's fixed looking forward to using the bump thread again. Smile
Tried this, for some reason it doesn't work. Followed instructions.

Problem is when I click "Bump Thread", page seems to load, then halts with no errors.
Points are not removed, so something is wrong.
Don't use this plugin right now, it needs to be updated and I will do so when I got the time, sorry.
I could do this myself if you could be nice enough to tell me what's wrong with it. Tongue
It is actually a big update but if you want to know; the error in your forum means the plugin is taking control of the DB class on a wrong way.

You can say the plugin is supposed to be used only under MyBB 1.4.x, though no all 1.6 installations will experience this issue and it was written for this version.
I didn't think it was that much of an update.

I guess I'll wait then. lol
Sorry but I do not understand if this plugin works with the new version of mybb. When I click on Bump shows an error page :"404 Not Found"

thank 4 feedback
any new on update
When will there be a new version out?
Regarding my last post, I would like to know if further development is being done.
I think this would be a very useful plugin to have.
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