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Full Version: [Tut] Resolve the bug (for the plugin "buy username/usertitle")
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I guess some of you have noticed it.
When you use this plugin, if you go on the page newpoints.php?action=buynametitle. Under both username and usertitle you get the sentence "Enter your desired user title in the text box on the right.".

So even if our member has to be stupid to don t understand wich one is for usertitle and wich one is for username, it s always better to edit this.

So :
1/ Go to your forum index using your ftp
2/ then go to "inc\plugins\newpoints\languages\english"
3/ Open and edit : "newpoints_buynametitle.lang.php"
4/ Replace
PHP Code:
$l['newpoints_buynametitle_name_description'] = 'Enter your desired user title in the text box on the right.'
PHP Code:
$l['newpoints_buynametitle_name_description'] = 'Enter your desired username in the text box on the right.'

5/Save, reupload, and erase the old one Smile

By the way you can also use this file to make translation !
That's what happens I do too much copy/pasting to speed up my coding Tongue