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Full Version: Problem
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Hey Ive faced this problem:
I have newpoints active on my forum, and sometimes some random users earn points even they dont do anything.
For example, I created a test account back then, and it had 5 points. I havent even logged on to it for a while and now it has 50 points.
Why does this happen? How can I fix it?

Thanks, uggonen
Did you set group rules? Did the user received any donations? I'm sorry but I just can't guess what might have happened.
No I have donations disabled, and no I havent set any group rules.
Did you change the income settings sometime? Like the registration points for example? Did you run the recount after that?
Yea I changed the income settings, but the account was created after that and it got the 5 points from the registration.
I'm not sure then. I can't just guess what might have happened sorry. I'd need to experience that myself or be able to track it down when it happened Sad
Okay no problem. I guess I just need to keep track on peoples points and manually remove all the extra Big Grin
Or if you find something strange make sure you ask the user what the user has done in the past X hours on the forum. It would probably help me a lot.