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Full Version: Post Activity.
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This displays the amount of posts that you have in each section of the forum.

This is used on two forums I am on, It is an awesome plugin and lots people want it.

It would be awesome if you could make it ^^

[Image: d2GK]
[Image: d2GQ]
That should increase your server load a lot, especially if you've got a lot of members and posts.
Yeah, I've wanted something like this for agesSad
As I said, I'm not going to create something which increases the server load so much and doesn't bring anything good to the site.
Well if I paid you, could you make it for me?^^
Yes but not right now. I've got two projects in hands already.
Ok thanks.

Let me know when you are not so busy.
I'm surprised Omni would put it on HF considering the amount of work he's done to reduce server load and increase performance.
I've just looked at the image more carefully and it seems I misinterpreted it, if it had been explained I wouldn't have misinterpreted obviously but since the only information I have is the image....
Anyway what I believe it is, is some kind of plugin which displays the post count made by the user on each forum - and this information is displayed on the profile.

Theoretically this is still a heavy process but requires less resources than the other thing I was thinking. Still, I won't do it.