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Full Version: need help in subsription plugin
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i installed this plugin but not working good
when a user buy a group they got it buy the expiration time not working i add 1 hour testing group so they can test it but not working well its stell for 1 week and they dint leave the gorup automatically when the expirations hour gone

plz i need help thanks you
and i forgot to tell you , i leave the goup manually and i try to subscribe again they say

This plan's group is of primary type and since you have already subscribed to a plan, you must wait until it ends.

and its just 1 hour lol
Make sure you have activated the task as mentioned in the readme file.
i dint found any task can you send me it plz and thanks pirata nervo
form where i need to enable it >?
ACP -> Tools & Maintenance -> Task Manager