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Hello, I have several concerns with the Shop plugin, please see if you can help me.

I have a forum ( with the latest version of MyBB. The problem I have is that I get the objects in the shop next to each other, and the text "view all item" is mounted above the text box to the right and is very ugly. I would like to appear like this:

[Image: 16ba9ah.jpg]

I would like to appear the ultumos 6 objects the user has bought, and put the focus down to "(view all item)" as shown in the picture how would you do that?. I guess I would have to modify the template code right? How would it be?.

I have 2 years working with MyBB but still am a nobato, especially with the editing of template and see if you can help me.
That's not possible to do. Only by editing the code but editing the code is not as simple as changing one or two lines in this case, it's more complex so if you're not a programmer yourself I wouldn't recommend you trying it.