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Full Version: Subscription SNAFU
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I tried to pay for a sub but it keeps telling me I have to sign up for a PP account. I'm not going to do that though. How else can I pay?

Looks like some good PI's can't wait to try them. Going to download the MyAdvert's one now as I believe it's free.

Let me know how to pay. Thanks.
I believe Pirata only does PayPal. I'm not sure why you won't sign up for PayPal though, there's nothing wrong with it, unless it's blocked in your country.
Well, I must have my reasons why I don't use PP. What a shame there's no other way to pay.
You can use AlertPay as well.
Okay, does alertpay allow me to use a debit or credit card w/o signing up?
That I don't know, a simple google search should clarify that for you.
I thought you meant that you also offered AP as a way to pay. I wasn't asking about their features etc. as if I were going to create an account with them.

PP usually allows an option for buyers to use nonPP cards, I don't understand why that option is not visible in your cart. I'm not trying to make this a major issue believe me, just explaining my end of it.

I loaded the MyAdvert into my site and it shows as active, but I couldn't find where it has any settings other than enable, which I did.

I realize I need to be a paid member before getting PI support so let me explore other payment options. I may have a way to pay for using someone else's PP acc. I'll look into it. Thanks.
We only accept AlertPay for lifetime subscriptions due to the fees applied by them.