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Full Version: help with translation
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Hi, I need to translate this part but do not know what file should I change. Help please.


Thanks in advance

It's not translatable. Those are the names of the settings, you can change their names and it will reflect on that.
I have the same problem but would cause any problems, if i change the title and the description directly in the database?
I'm sorry but I do not understand your question.
I want to translate the same stuff as "Tortoise". I found the settings in the database and when i only change the title and the description in the database (mybb_newpoints_settings) it won't affect any other parts of the script?
No, it won't. But you need to go to NewPoints -> Settings -> Click one of the groups and then just hit "Edit".
Perhaps, Pirata, in next update, in the settings name field you could use a language file and call it as a language variable so that shall be easy for translators. Just my two cents.