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Full Version: Hown to set Minimum points to be able to donate others?
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Dear Pirata,

Is there any way that we can set our members have to reach minimum points to be able to donate others? This is my reason for this feature:

- In my forum, I will give $50 to my members (Newpoints) for their registration, and my members need $200 to become a VIP Member (Newpoints Subscription).

- So if my members do not need to reach minimum points they can simply register lots of account and donate for one account in order to get $200 and more.

So if we can enable this feature, our members have to find a way to earn enough $ before they can donate them.
No it is not possible.
I could only suggest disabling donations or getting a third-party developer. (With Pirata's permission, and you'd need to pay for the developer's license to use the plugin.)
@Pirata, @Mantis: Thank you two! Smile. I want to share my idea I thought of last night!

I found a way in which I will use a plugin (My Permissions 1.2) to disallow users (<=$50 - Regular Members) to access ...newpoints.php?action=donate
@Mantis anyone can do anything with NewPoints, no need for my permission Smile
@sayityourway2k9, you can't imagine how happy I am for seeing someone using that plugin of mine lol, I thought I were the only one!