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Full Version: [Help] Shop: How to remove the scroll in the shopping page.
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Well, thing I mean, is this:




'cause I only have an unique category, and I want a big list without scrolling.

Thanks, and byee Smile
You'll have to edit the templates and remove the overflow: auto; property from that div

But now... Sad

What version of the shop are you using? May I have a link to it?
The version i'm using is 1.5, the last I guess.

I've created a user for you to see it, Demo and pass: 1234.
Remove the "style" property from the div Smile
Oh! That was!
Too much thanks Pirata Nervo ^^!
You're welcome!
This doesn't seem to work for me...Sad Ideas?
If you do it as I said it will work.