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Full Version: View Referred Users
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I think it would be awesome to have a plugin, where you can view the referrers of a user.


View Users Profile
Next To "Memebers Referred" have "Details"
When you click "Details" it shows all the users that was referred.

Click on the profile of "Bob"
"Bob" has referred 4 people
Click "Details"
The 4 referred people are:
Bob v2

I think it would be a cool edition, sorry if I didn't make it clear enough, but it is 3AM here. I may re-do this thread tomorrow if you can't understand what I mean.
I believe it's bee done already.
Really? Let me quickly search again, try to see if I can find it. I swear if I've made another useless thread I'm going to rage.

EDIT: I've found this one by lobrocca, but it's not free and isn't really what I asked for:
I might do that one then if I find some time.
Oh, I found one by Nickman, was exactly what I asked for here, but, it was for 1.2 and there's now download for it anymore.
Hi Admin,

I will appreciate if you can provide a plugin for the same, where members can view their referred members in their User Control Panel.

This will make the site more transparent.

I have got huge compliment within a week time that MYBB has such nice forum script. I will request you add another feather to the cap by having a script like viewing referred members.

Thank you.
I believe he's already going to do it, as he has mentioned earlier in this thread, he said he may do it once he has enough time.

You know what they say, you can't rush art. Big Grin
Asking is always easy but learning for yourselves and doing it is not. I know the feeling Wink I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until I find the time and patience as BreShie said
Do you think you could post a date of when you could have it done by though? I'm really looking forward to this plugin! Big Grin
I don't provide ETA's
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