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Full Version: Sections rather than list
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As you see in below pic. i got lots and lots of items to put in the shop
this is only 1/5th of the items i have to put.
[Image: FsZJI.png]

why not a shop where you can visit different sections
[Image: 6QWzW.png]

, rather than a list ^^ . or maybe a drop down list? where people have to click it , to see the items/ maximise the box

. Anyways, the plugins are great Big Grin would be a nice feature to keep the shop more userfriendly Tongue and neat.
Yes I agree with you. Thank you for your suggestion
No problem Big Grin I even got 1more suggestion
1 item for different usages. like you can select

7days- 10000points
30days- 30000points, if it wouldn't be hard Tongue
I won't add that.
ok ^^ will you add the section though? Big Grin
Yes when I have time it's something I'll work on.