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Full Version: plaza turbo kill my forum
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I have the previous plaza turbo and now my forum shows the below errors after I upgraded it.

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
    1146 - Table 'otakuflm_forum.mybb_MY_TABLE_PREFIXplaza_pay_subscribe_timeouts' doesn't exist
    SELECT * FROM mybb_MY_TABLE_PREFIXplaza_pay_subscribe_timeouts WHERE timeout <=1316361682

Can you tell me how to completely the previous plugin so that I could install newpoints instead?

Also, I am no longer a subscriber? I was once back when this forum still in consolepoint or somewhere I think.

I went to plugin folder via ftp and delete the plugins so the errors gone now.

But is there anyway to make sure it also deleted from my database?
MyPlaza Turbo is not supported.