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Full Version: ¿How come this user?!
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1200 new points?!

just to prevent a mistake from me
i wanted to serach in newpoints logs if i've donated him in the past

SELECT * FROM `mybb_newpoints_log` WHERE 1 AND username = "dino69"
SELECT * FROM `mybb_newpoints_log` AND username = "dino69"

both querys output 0 :S
edit i made a recount and he haves 916 points

he has 2 days online and 64 posts
nobody donated to him and he only haves 1 referral

here's my income stettings

New Post 3.5
New Thread 7.0
New Poll 3.0
Per Character 0.0
Minimum Characters 15 Chars
New Registration 0.0
Per Poll Vote 5.0
Per Reply 2.0
Per PM Sent 1.0
Per Rate 0.1
Per Page View 0.0
Per Visit 0.1
Per Referral 5.0

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