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Full Version: How do I make this happen?
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I've set my forum to have a maximum daily post limit of 75. This means that a user can only make up to 75 posts per day on my forum.

So basically, a user can make 75 posts, and earn points for every one of those posts. Once they hit 75 posts, they cannot make anymore posts on my forum, and thus, cannot earn anymore points.

Now here's what I want:

I want the user to be able to make posts, however, any preceding posts AFTER the 75 (daily) cap will not add any points.

Is this already possible? Or is developmental work needed?

If it is not clear, let me know.
A NewPoints plugin is required for that. And there's no such plugin as of now.
Alright. How much would it cost for you develop such a plugin?
My number of projects in hands is currently at its limit so I cant' develop anything else right now. Perhaps in the beginning of September
It's complex request, but I believe Nervo could do that easily Wink
Well, I'll look into the code now..