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Full Version: new users getting too many points
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people are getting way more points then what we have set on the forum. People get 25 when they register, or are supposed to but one got 5,000 something. And more for posting too I dont know how they are getting so many so quick?
When they register they 25 and that's it. They're not getting 5,000 I can assure you that.
It might be possible though that they're creating threads with tons of characters though. Can you check that please?
Its set so they dont get any points per character.
5,000 is what one of the new members got, Im not sure if they could use them or not because we removed them.

Just now the admin of the site had 16 points, edited her post and then she had 1,300
Okay I'll take a look at this issue tomorrow on my localhost and hopefully be find the same issue
Okay thank you so much, its still doing it when people post too. It hadnt for awhile but the admin just went from a 18 points to 2,011
I'll do it tomorrow.
Another user seems to have similar issues: