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Full Version: a little help pls :((
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i just finish to instal newpoints 1.9 on mybb
I need some help becouse i set the point for users myself ...
exmple : at new post 0.5 , at new thread 0.75 ... etc
But when a user open a new thread he recive 250 points instead of 0.75 , And when i delete his poste hi get -100 point ??

Can enyone know what i need to modify to aplay the points that i make not 250 ??

Sorry for my english .. it's not my first language ....

Ps : Can enyone know if ficons 1.2 is compatibile whit newpoint becouse i can instal ficons after i instal newpoint , and if not what plugin is compatibil for add icons on forum ..

TNX for help
Ficons 1.2 should not interfere with NewPoints.

Regarding your problem, did you see any income rates for groups? Can you please post your income settings here?
I did only change the value from setings > Income setings ... a saw in you picture you have new banck plugin.. i dont have that ...
Shoud i set grup rules and forum rules ?? and if i need to set that how do i set becouse i don't understand what income rate should be .. Fist time when i set point what i need i set income rate to 1 ..
You don't need to setup rules, I just wanted to know if you did. Can you please post your income settings here?
New Post -0.25
New Thread - 0.35
New Poll 0.35
Per Character 0
Minimum Characters 0
New Registration 0
Per Poll Vote 0.1
Per Reply 0.25
Per PM Sent 0.05
Per Rate 0.01
Per Page View 0
Per Visit 0.01
Per Referral 1

PS : I install Ficons and the place where the forum icons should be is verry large and show like an picture that is not correct uploaded.I forget to mention.... I have mybb 1.6.4
"New Post -0.25
New Thread - 0.35"
Is that a negative value?

Regarding Ficons, I do not give support for someone else's plugins.
no i put ''-'' to delimit
Thanks. I'm going to test NewPoints again as soon as possible, it's been a very busy day and tomorrow I might find some time.
ok.. i will wait to post what to do..
Still haven't found any issues. Anyway, I'm moving houses so couldn't test it that much. I'll see if I can do a longer test tomorrow. Today is impossible
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