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Full Version: Some Plugin problems
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i have installed newpoints fantastic install went like a dream Smile

now i have installed or tried to install the following plugins
buy username and usertitle
game section points
buy forum access

in new point plugins after i uploaded all the upload contents i get the following error
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare newpoints_gamesection_info() (previously declared in /home/tycoon/public_html/forums/inc/plugins/newpoints_gamesection.php:58) in /home/tycoon/public_html/forums/inc/plugins/newpoints/newpoints_gamesection.php on line 67
any help here would be greatly appreciated.
It's not supposed to be in /inc/plugins but in /inc/plugins/newpoints
ha Smile thanks works great Smile now i just need to figure out the rest of it and adding top links Smile easy enough.