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Full Version: New Points Problem
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Recently I came up with a problem that I don't know how to solve. When I set all the currency rates to 0 accept for the posting and new topics, people are still able to earn bonus points with a massive amount of characters within their post. Is there anyway to make it so they don't earn this bonus points.

My current points settings:
New Post    $1
New Thread    $2
New Poll    $0
Per Character    $0
Minimum Characters    15 Chars
New Registration    $0
Per Poll Vote    $0
Per Reply    $0
Per PM Sent    $0
Per Rate    $0
Per Page View    $0
Per Visit    $0
Per Referral    $0
Even with price per character set to 0?
Yes the price per character is set to 0 and the problem still consisted. Any solution?
I guess I'll need to do some tests myself