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Full Version: Requesting RPG System MyBB integration
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User migration (from forum to db, just by logging)
and rpg postbit infromation! Big Grin

What do you think about this Nervo?

The main game core is quite small and don't haves any module installed
but if you do it, i will release my custom build with all modules and "plugins" up to date Big Grin

Demo: terrible theme, but all modules are upto date Big Grin

Why do it?
Quote:ezRPG is a game engine, and so it is a pretty bare framework to work with. Instead, all game-specific features are modules which can be installed/uninstalled at any time by the game owner!

This is much better than other game engines that include too many game-specific features in their core, as those are harder to customize. By forcing you to decide exactly which modules you want in your game, you can be sure that almost no other game will have the same set of modules/features as your game!

This flexibility also allows ezRPG to be used for games that are not RPGs, such as virtual pet games, strategy games and more!

Modular System - easy to customize!
Integrated captcha system
Secure code
Open source!
Admin panel
Automatic installer

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