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Full Version: NewPoints Recount Question
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I just recount the Newpoints and all the points which I earned via playing games disappeared.

Can you make it that It recount points of all the NewPOints plugins?
e.g If someone buys something and lose points on buying, then if we recount his/her points will be counted according to the income settings. Then its useless to have the rest of Newpoints plugins.

And, is it necessary to recount points?
I'll put it simple:
1) You board has 10,000 users
2) 5,000 of those have purchased 50 items from the shop and played the Lottery 100 times.
3) The recount process has to recount all points earned from posts, threads, characters, etc. Then subtract the points spent on the Shop and the Lottery (note that you must have the entries in the log if you wanted it to work), this process for 10,000 users. I can imagine your server crashing if it had not enough CPU and RAM.

So the answer is no, I can't make it like that.

The recount process should only be used when you install NewPoints, because your members have made posts and threads already. That or if you want to simply reset everything.
ok. Mean, recount is not needed if I have installed newpoints at the start of my forum.

Thanks for help
Yes it's not required at all
One of my account had 39.95 points and after recount, it decreased to 29.xx
No games were played, and the points are only made by posting.

I wanna know what are the reasons that decreased the points and what's its logic?
Did someone delete a thread of yours or delete posts, edited posts? That may be the reason
Yeah. Posts were edited. I figured that editing a post will make the NewPoints to consider it as a new post. Am I right?
No, but it subtracts character points in case you've got points per characters enabled