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Full Version: Shop 1.5
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first sorry for my english,

I have installed your plugin: NewPoints with the Addon Shop.
Both is the newest version. But i habe a problem, ...
I want to add more Items in the shop, for example:
- Edit Username for a price
- Edit Usertitle for a price
- Edit Username Color for a price
- Edit Usertitle Color for a price
- etc.
How I can add these things?

But i must say, the plugin is very nice!
You must use an existing NewPoints plugin (Buy Usertitle and Username) to change username and usertitle.

Changing colour does not exist.
Is it easy to add that with colors etc.? Or is it a long/hard code?
It depends, there are two ways of doing:
* With core edits - requires less extra queries, probably none extra
* Without core edits - requires more extra queries (sometimes making it a resource hog)

I do not plan to create this anytime soon.
Maybe you can code that in the future?
It would be a nice plugin.