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Full Version: A mix of problems, please read.
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Okay I'm running the latest version of MyBB (checked today).

I have a few problems with plugins and MyBB Itself.

I use ProStats on my board at the stats box shows up twice, an exact duplicate, can't figure out why.

'Complex Password': A few of my users have had problems with this and have ended up having to put a long password in order for it to work, I'm not sure if they used the 1 letter 1 capital 1 number, this would most likely be the case.

I'm not sure how to make a Birth Date Confirmation on sign up.
If a plugin is required for this can someone point me to it please.

Same as Accept Rules on signup.

'Tabbed Menu': I know this plugin wasn't made on this forum and was created by Jesse Labrocca (MyBBCentral) but I can't get it to work preoperly, I can get the first Category to work in the first tab, but when I move the others into the other tabs, they won't show when you click the tab, this has been confusing me for a while.

Thanks for taking your time to read, I look forward to your reply.



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