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Full Version: NewPoint suddenly missing both in my postbit and profile
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NewPoint suddenly missing both in my postbit and profile
i already deactivated and activated again but failed. I wont uninstall it, my member have doing hard work to collect points
any suggestions?
First, points can be recounted.
Second, PM me test admin account and FTP account details so I can track this down.
This just happend to me tnght.
I'm going to debug this issue today on caranibieros' server, I'll let you know what's the problem.
I also noticed the statistics section is gone and when you go into lottery im getting and internal error, i rechecked all folders and they are all there.
I'm checking this myself right now.
I've found the problem.

Somehow NewPoints settings got deleted from the settings.php file and the settings table. I need to make access PHPMyAdmin to accelerate the process, I'm waiting for carinibieros's response.

I can't seem to find a cause for this though, there's nothing in NewPoints that would delete its own settings..unless the uninstall routine is executed.
Well i had to deactivate this as nothing was working besides showng how many points you had.Sad Slots are still working lol even though newpoints isnt.
Where was it showing how many points you had? And yes, since the settings are all "disabled" nothing runs.
Even when everything was activated nothing worked, you could see how many points you had in bank(interest not workn),game section(list of what can be made was zero'd out but showed your amount), slots still workn adjusting your balance with spins (even after I disabled new points).
I even went into admin to write down what each member had in hand and in bank in case it was all lost so I could give it back.
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