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Full Version: Hey umm ya ... We want more plugins e.e
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Can we get some more subscriber plugins pl0x Smile ?

So that means your no longer making 1.6 plugins :/ ?
Hmm means any plugins I make that do not allow the admin to get income will be released for free (MyAchievements is an exception because it was purchased by 14 users @ShopMyBB so it wouldn't be fair to release it for free).
Ahh okay. Well I want some plugins that will generate revenue Big Grin !
Well if you've got any ideas, feel free to post them.
The plugins won't make themselves, if you've got any ideas for new plugins, just post them as Pirata says Smile
You guys have to realize, making plug ins take time and Pirata may be busy with personal stuff as well. But if I have any ideas, I will sure suggest them to be made in the future when he's free. Smile