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Im woundering if you can get this working in Newpoints, ppl realy liked this and had alot of fun with it.
I'm not thinking of porting it anytime soon.
You would make a bunch of ppl very happy getting this done, and is there anyway to help out. I know trying to offer you $$ doesnt work, however we could bug the heck out of you, lol.
Bugging the heck out of me wouldn't give me free time for this. Would it? Tongue I'd prefer not to try! ahah
So you'll try and get this done. If you pull this off, you da man.Big Grin
Nope, I didn't say that. I'm not doing this anytime soon.
Guess that's a no. How about we work something out?
I currently do not have time for this sorry, I'm full with work. I can't even accept anymore paid projects for at least two months.
I miss it from the MyPlaza.
So do I, but I miss my free time too Sad
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