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Full Version: Another Questions[x__x]
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I feel bad always asking you these questions. Once I get my job ill donate 20$ to you for all this help. But I have another question for you.

For the shop I want players to be able to buy pets that they can them post on the profile. The shop right now works for this pretty good But, If the player buys more than 1 pet it gets weird being able to control which pet is posted on there profile.

Is there anyway to set which pet is displayed.

If not is there a way to make it to where members are only allowed to have 1 pet and must sale there pet in order to purchase another one.
No, it's not possible to choose which items are shown as of now neither to limit the amount of purchases sorry.
No problem you did a great job with this plugin, am sure youll make changes in the new version of it.