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Full Version: Decimals[Not the same as the one below]
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Hey man, I know ive been asking alot of questions lately but this is another one I cant seem to fix. I think it may be a bug but at the same time I want to resolve it without having to reinstall new points.

At my site I have it set to have the newpoints in the welcome block. But the newpoints in the welcome block has 2 decimals while the newpoints in the postbit and the profiles dont have any decimals.

How would I remove the decimals from the newpoints in the welcome block. This is the code I am using to put the newpoints in the welcome block.

<a href=""><font face="verdana" size="2" color="lightblue"> {$mybb->user['newpoints']}{$mybb->settings['newpoints_main_curprefix']} </font></a>

Please help me.

I just tried reinstalling newpoints. And nothing changed. There is still 2 decimal places in the newpoints on the welcome block.
It's not a bug. The code you used for welcome block is not "parsed", it's directly taken from the database and put into screen. The one in the post is "parsed".

There's no way to do what you want without adding more code into NewPoints and I'm sorry but I do not code specific things for everyone.
But it wasnt doing this before. It only recently started doing this. When installing the Google SEO plugin I accidently corrupted the newpoints system and had to reinstall it. After reinstalling it the decimals glitch started happening.

I am sure there is an alternative. Is there any thing you can do it help me, I can live with the decimal being there but it is just inconvenient.

Even if you can just point me in the direction of the code that handles this I could try to fix it myself. But I dont even know where to start. You would be far more familiar with the coding since you wrote it.
The points in the header will have the default decimal places. Regarding the decimal places in postbit and profile you must change them from the NewPoints settings
Yes am regarding the points in the header is there anyway I could possibly change the default decimal places? Is there anything I can do to edit it at all. I know for a fact it wasnt like that before so what has changed.
You'll need to edit the field structure in the database.