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Full Version: Points Addition[I need your help again]
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This one shouldnt be too hard I just cant seem to get it to work. I am trying to post the # of curreny(newpoints) a user has in the welcome module. I cant show you an example because the site is currently invite only and guest cant see anything. But basically in the welcome bar where it would normally say welcome back to (site name) (username)!, I went to the header_welcomeblock_member in the header, template file and changed it to say welcome back (username) you currently have ($points) (link to image of money sign).

The only problem is ($points) isnt working, I also tried, {$mybb->settings['bburl']}/newpoints.php">{$points}, and {$post['newpoints_postbit']}. None of these worked when posted in the welcome block.

So how can I put the current number of currency the user has in the welcome block? You help would be greatly appreciated.
Please do a bit of search, it's been posted already.
sry about that, well do