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Full Version: Shop addition? [HELP]
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Hello everyone at mybb, This is my first post here so cut mt some slack if I mess up.

There is a problem on my site with the new points shop system.

Look at the picture of an archon(if you even know what that is) there is a cool picture there next to the word item, but after the picture there is a "()". I want to get rid of that but I dont know for the life of me how to do it? Any suggestions.

I just want to remove the "()" that is always behind shop pictures.

Secondly, I want members to be able to purchase things like, ability to unlock signatures, ability to use offsite avatars and upload avatars, or be able to buy a ticket to a tournament or something. But I dont neccesarily want these things to show up as items since it isnt an item is is just an unlockable feature. Any ideas on how to even do these things non the less not make them items?
I currently redid it, atfirst i wanted to remove the (veiw all items), and was only able to get rid of the view all items leaving just the (), Help me remove them all please.
I don't see the "()" anywhere.

You can't do the second part.
you can, I already removed the "view all items." I went into the language files and edited it out. But the only thing left was the "()" that surrounded the view all items.

I went back and put back the view all files because just having "()" there looked bad. But I want to know how to remove both the "( )" and the "view all items". Together it looks like "(View all items)" It is right next to the picture of the archon of the archon and right above the currency.
You must remove that from the templates newpoints_shop_profile and newpoints_shop_postbit

As for the second part, you can't do it.
I understand the second isnt possibly, thats ok. But please give me a more detail description of how to do it.
simply saying "You must remove that from the templates newpoints_shop_profile and newpoints_shop_postbit" doesnt suffice.

Where Are these located, Are they changed on the site or in the language files. Please Direct me because ive been dealing with this problem all mourning and simply cannot find a way to fix it.
It's in the templates..ACP -> Themes & Templates -> Templates -> Global Templates
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Dude thank you so much. I have literally been trying to fix that thing for the past 6 hours. I kept changing it in the language file and when i uploaded the file to the site nothing would happen.

Newpoints is also very very good. Once again thank you, I wouldnt be able to do any of this without you man THANK YOU.
You're welcome. I'm glad you've removed it yourself.