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Full Version: [Release] Game Section Points
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ok thanks for your help anyway, much appreciated

although it looks as if this could be causing the return to games.php?

if($current_page == 'games.php')
    global $templatelist;
        $templatelist .= ',';
    $templatelist .= 'newpoints_gamesection,newpoints_gamesection_buyname,newpoints_gamesection_buytitle';

instead of returning to games.php it should return to the new score, like the following?

No, the only thing it's checking is if you're on games.php and if yes then cache those templates
ahhh ok thanks for clearing that up
thanks pirata,i have been waiting for this since ages Smile,you made it true Smile
I might be wrong about this, but I believe if the user was already the champion and gets a high score again, they're given the champion points. Or is it only counted from when the NewPoints plugin is installed?
With this plugin you earn NewPoints points, not only Game Section points
I'm not talking about that. I mean the points you set when someone becomes a champion. Does the person earn those points again if he is already the champion and beats his own score?
I don't know. The points are given on the "champion hook" which is provided by the Game Section plugin and I haven't looked at that to be honest
Is it possible to remove the "Payout" section?
The table at the bottom?
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