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Full Version: [Release] Game Section Points
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Hi I am using this on MYBB 1.6.3 but when players submit a score they get a blank/white screen, but the score still saves
Any ideas why the blank screen is happening instead of returning to the scores?
Thanks in advance
What about when you disable this plugin? Does that happen too?
no only when the plug in is active
I cannot replicate that.

Can you please open the plugin file and find:
PHP Code:
function newpoints_gamesection_score() // high score
newpoints_addpoints($mybb->user['uid'], $mybb->settings['newpoints_gamesection_score']);

Replace with:
PHP Code:
function newpoints_gamesection_score() // high score
/*global $db, $mybb;
        newpoints_addpoints($mybb->user['uid'], $mybb->settings['newpoints_gamesection_score']);*/

Does it return to the page now?
thanks but no it still goes to a white page?
That's pretty weird.

PHP Code:

Replace with:
PHP Code:
    // $plugins->add_hook("games_submit_insert_score", "newpoints_gamesection_score");
    // $plugins->add_hook("games_submit_update_score", "newpoints_gamesection_score"); 
Hi I changed that and it's still the same
Alright so it's definitely not a problem with the code. Please re-download and re-upload without editing anything.

If it still doesn't work, I can't help you no more because the code isn't doing anything to change the behaviour of anything.
ok have done that but still the same, I've noticed that once you save the score the return URL is games.php but it should be the URL of the game score you saved, would that explain the white page??
No, I don't think it is related to that. I doubt my plugin is causing issues though, I've tested it on my localhost and no one has reported any issues so far. And the issue you're reporting should definitely not becaused by it...I guess
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