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Full Version: Newpoints error
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Hi, without reason the NewPoints static aren't showed, and all the guiles and objetcs that people have on the postbit aren't showed also. When I'm showing the static page, it says:
"Las estadísticas han sido desactivadas por un administrador."
(it was traslated by me, originaly would put something like "The statics has been desactivated by an administrator")

This is the link where I'm having problems:

Curiosly, Shop and Lottery continues running, well not exactly, if you click on "loteria" (Lottery) it gives you this error:

Han ocurrido los siguientes errores (Have ocurred the next errors):
Warning [2] number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given - Line: 356 - File: inc/plugins/newpoints.php PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze1 (Linux)
File Line Function
[PHP] errorHandler->error
/inc/plugins/newpoints.php 356 number_format
/inc/plugins/newpoints/newpoints_lottery.php 408 newpoints_format_points
[PHP] newpoints_lottery_page
/inc/class_plugins.php 101 call_user_func_array
/newpoints.php 104 pluginSystem->run_hooks

I have a back up of yesterday, but i'm not going to use it yet, first i want to fix it if you know how to.

Thanks ^__^
I'm sorry but your website is under maintenance. I cannot help you.

It shows that message (about statistics being disabled) if you have them disabled in the settings.
omg, sorry. Now the forum is enable. But no, I haven't turn off the plugin, neither disabled in the settings :S
I've installed a plugin named "overview", perhaps it has change something in the statics or... i don't know ... :S
Give me a test account and I'll check it.