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Full Version: NewPoints Admin Panel Not Showing.
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I installed the plugin and everything works except the admin panel is not showing. What I mean is on the navigation bar in the admincp where it says, "Home - Configuration - Forums and Posts - Users and Groups - Templates and Style - Tools and Maintenance" Well in the pics I have seen you will see another one added that says NewPoints. Well on my admin panel, I do not see that.

Could someone help me to fix that. Thanks.
Pleaes go to ACP -> Users & Groups -> Admin Permissions -> Make sure you're allowed to view the NewPoints tab
I checked that and I had one at the end of the list that had no text. It was just a "Yes" and "No" radio button. It was set as no so I clicked yes and nothing happened. Everything else is set to Yes. It's still not there.

Could it be the language problem Or what else can I do?
(05-03-2011, 02:07 PM)Hershey Wrote: [ -> ]Could it be the language problem Or what else can I do?
Yep it can, convert eng lang files from newpoints package to your language.
Yes the language might be the problem.
How can I fix it?
I mean I want the default english lol

Which language is your default one?
English. What ever mybb is default with.
Well I don't know then. Are you sure you uploaded the admin files to your admin directory? (in case you have renamed it, make sure you upload the files to your new dir)
Could i give you an FTP account and an admin account to my forum to see if you can get it up and running?
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