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Full Version: Uninstalling newpoints help!
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Hi, for some reason on my 1.6.3 version of mybb, my newpoints will not show. Where are the files i need to delete before i upload them again? (Btw- I just dragged the upload folder of newpoints in to the public_html folder.)

I want to delete all the files and upload it again.

(FYI: I have the cure theme just to let you know)
No idea why this happens but some users are experiencing problems AFTER upgrading. It's probably related to the theme though, I have no idea why. (I had no problems at all)

By the way, if you want to know which files to delete, download the zip and check every folder inside the zip and download the files from the respective folders in the server.
Im hoeing you didnt just upload the upload folder to public_html. And instead, highlighted the files inside and then put them into public_html.

By will not show, do you mean you cannot see things in the postbit or profile? Or you cant get into the NewPoints page itself?
If its the first, then due to the way NewPoints is structured, I think your going to have to reinstall it to get the templates back, but if not then, just reinstall NewPoints and see if that works Tongue

Dont forget you can just recount the points after you reinstall, so you wont have lost anything.