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Full Version: Bump Feature + Newpoints
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I noticed the lack of bump plugins for mybb and I was wondering since Newpoints is becoming more popular that a bump plugin could be made for it.

Features could be:
  • Administrators can set how much a user pays to bump a thread.
  • How often they can do it.
  • How much they have to pay to bump a thread within that limit.
  • What usergroups can/cannot do this.
  • And the feature for administrators to disable this feature in certain forums.

What do you think? It would be awesome. Smile

Not a bad idea and probably something to mess with once I find some free time Smile
This sounds awesome, great idea.

I dont even know if this is possible but if the user types bump into their reply, the plugin automattically ignores reply length (as in "Your post has to be more than X characters)
Also just for ease of access, add a bump button the the first post of the thread. The same place and style as reply buttons etc.
I agree. This would be really cool! Big Grin
Very cool idea Smile
What the ETA on this?
(08-22-2011, 02:16 AM)Achmed Wrote: [ -> ]What the ETA on this?

Did I ever say I started it?
No, I was just checking... :/